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Layoffs Equal New Jobs (LENJ) understands being displaced from a job is often an unexpected shock and can lead to uncertainty and fear. LENJ offers proven support methods, a step by step curriculum that if followed, increases your chances of getting hired quickly. With this layoff program, you will receive 1 on 1 support to measure your progress and be held accountable of the work that must be completed to increase your chances of getting hired. The Layoff Activity To-Do Checklist will review all areas of getting back to work and have you complete these activities while working with your layoff coach in the process. These activities include: revisiting your career path, development of job search, networking, application process strategy, resume review and feedback, practice interviews to polish interviewing skills and receive encouraging emails and texts messages because this is a stressful time with low moments experienced during this process and LENJ’s mission is to keep you motivated and remind you that - You Can Do This! I've been here many times before and can help you get back to work.

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The Layoff Package, $25.00/month


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