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Celebrating Black History Month

Very thankful layoffs are not directly related to Black History Month, but it is a terrible month to experience that type of departure from the workplace as an African American. However, any month is a terrible time to experience a Lay Off, regardless of skin color.

Layoffs have fallen disproportionately on Black workers. In December 2020, 18% of people who sought unemployment aid were black, even though African Americans make up 13.5% of the workforce, according to the Federal Rese

There is no monthly correlation or time a layoff will execute other than the timing and financial impact identified by the employer and the employer’s bottom line requiring improvement.

When impacted by a layoff, continue Applying until you land that new Job!

Remember, getting back to work is truly a job within itself, especially when researching and applying for jobs. We need always to remember to be open to new possibilities. Even when those jobs do not fit you 100% of our experience and years of service, we should still apply if we hit the 90% mark of qualifications. Let the HR department disqualify you. There may be critical experience, specific software knowledge, or process knowledge that the employer is looking for that you

may have that has intrigued the need to request an interview. Because of the possibility, we need always to be open to new opportunities and take a chance.

Always Remember,

If “Plan A” didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 letters. Stay Cool!


Sherice Kidd

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