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Deflating the word layoff and taking away its power!

Layoffs bring uncertainties to our financial portfolio, causes instability to our career objectives, and throws a wrench to our plans while allowing a breeze of self-doubt to cause reason to ask why me to squeeze through the cracks? Why not you? Layoffs force you to put yourself back into the job market, feel uncomfortable, while you look and apply for your new job. We hope this process will be short, but no one knows. What we do know is, we must continue researching job openings, paying attention to the job detail, and edit our resumes to align with the job opening we feel would be a good fit? Will the recruiter qualify me as a qualified applicant to include in the interview process is the next question asked? There are many emotions experienced during this process, with many ups and downs forced upon us. Why – because we are human? During this time of researching, applying, interviewing, keeping our spirits lifted, and finally receiving that job offer, we must remember that getting laid off forced us to transition into looking for a new job mode! Layoffs equal New Jobs! Layoffs cause that push that forces us to join the many applicants looking for New Opportunities. It is essential to put in the work to get that New Job to improve our employment, financial situation, stress, and mental state.

Let’s use this opportunity to take away the power the word “Layoffs” has. The word Layoff can completely stress one out. The pressure is unbearable when you are left wondering if you are on the selected list of those being laid off—wondering if my job will be eliminated, and become a displaced employee? Many questions and concerns come to mind with no rhyme or reason to the selected individual—only fear and uncertainty.

Believe it or not, this is when you draw the energy within to reinvent yourself. If you loved your job, perhaps you will look to continue in the same or similar industry. If you were unhappy or hated your job, take advantage and use this Layoff to make a career change and bring happiness to your career.

Try to remember that if you find yourself in a Layoff situation.

Layoffs equal opportunities. Layoffs equal New Jobs.

Make it Happen!

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