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The flight to a successful job transition

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I was let go of my job earlier this year, which became depressing being that I absolutely loved my job. I ended up connecting with Sherice and hiring her as my job coach. Being terminated from a job, especially one you truly loved feels like your heart has been torn out of your body. Sherice knew how depressed I had been but did not let me give up on myself.

She is very precise and thorough. It is very apparent that she puts her heart into helping others become successful in the work force. Those days when you do not even feel like getting out of the bed, here comes Sherice with an encouraging phone call or email to keep you going. She encourages you to dig deep within and seek your future best self. She does not allow you to play it safe and challenges you to get what it is you want in your career. She keeps you accountable in your job search in the toughest but most loving way possible.

After a month and a half of working with her I had not one, not two, but MULTIPLE job offers!!! Not just any offers, but offers from companies I desired working for! Sherice shares her own stories of being laid off in her past so her methods come from experience. If you have had a little bad luck in the work force, all is not lost. Allow Sherice to help you get your dream job! You will not regret it! Thank you so much, Sherice.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee

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